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Almonds - 200gr.
Almonds - 200gr.
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Shipping, Returns, Security & Privacy Shipping, Returns, Security & Privacy

All shipments are made through Tourline, SEUR and Halcourier. The choice of a company or another to make Casa Bartomeus. based on a least cost to you, without affecting the level of service. The service contract is 19 hours peninsula, and we can take 24 hours to prepare the package, especially for large packages. Still, we can never assure the shipping time and does not depend on us. It is important that the comments of orders tell us the times that the carrier can be found at home because if you do not find them, it is likely that the order will be delayed another day.

The delivery is stipulated for our products is a maximum of 3 days to the peninsula from the receipt of payment for order (always depending on stock availability. If you do not have stock, we notify the customer may request full refund of the amount). The courier will take him home. In case of no one and as long as the messenger had access to a mailbox will leave a note. Failure to receive you can contact us through our web section "Contact Us".

All shipments are insured 100% by a comprehensive insurance offered by the transport company concerned. Home Bartumeus not responsible for the shipment tracking once sent the product, simply gives the data carrier to the customer in case they claim.

The minimum order price is 4 €, if not exceed this amount will be charged an extra 6 €.

If there are any products purchased will not be in stock by the end / beginning of the season or considers that it is in the desired conditions, will change the product with the same style or refund the difference in value within the package.

Table prices for different destinations:

The shipping cost based on the weight of the elements. Example: 25:5.50,50:8.50, etc ... This means that up to 25kg load is charged €5.50, 25kg to 50kg load is charged €8.50, etc ...

Bages zone: Gratis
Barcelona Province: Hasta 2kg-->4.8€ , Hasta 5kg-->16.70€ , Hasta 10kg-->18€ , Hasta 15kg-->110€ , Hasta 20kg-->111.5€ , Hasta 25kg-->113€ , Hasta 30kg-->115.5€ , Hasta 35kg-->118€ , Hasta 40kg-->119€ , Hasta 60kg-->132€ , Hasta 100kg-->145€ , Hasta 500kg-->1200€ , Hasta 1000kg-->1500€
Rest of Catalonia: Hasta 2kg-->7.5€ , Hasta 5kg-->9€ , Hasta 10kg-->11.5€ , Hasta 15kg-->13.6€ , Hasta 20kg-->15.7€ , Hasta 25kg-->19.5€ , Hasta 30kg-->24€ , Hasta 35kg-->26€ , Hasta 40kg-->28.5€ , Hasta 60kg-->40€ , Hasta 100kg-->60€ , Hasta 500kg-->270€ , Hasta 1000kg-->700€
Rest of Iberic Peninsula (including Portugal): Hasta 2kg-->7.5€ , Hasta 5kg-->9€ , Hasta 10kg-->11.5€ , Hasta 15kg-->13.6€ , Hasta 20kg-->15.7€ , Hasta 25kg-->19.5€ , Hasta 30kg-->24€ , Hasta 35kg-->26€ , Hasta 40kg-->28.5€ , Hasta 60kg-->40€ , Hasta 100kg-->60€ , Hasta 500kg-->270€ , Hasta 1000kg-->700€
Balears: Hasta 2kg-->11€ , Hasta 5kg-->16€ , Hasta 10kg-->25€ , Hasta 15kg-->30€ , Hasta 20kg-->35€ , Hasta 30kg-->40€ , Hasta 40kg-->52€ , Hasta 50kg-->63€ , Hasta 60kg-->82€ , Hasta 70kg-->98€ , Hasta 100kg-->145€ , Hasta 150kg-->180€ , Hasta 200kg-->300€ , Hasta 300kg-->420€ , Hasta 500kg-->650€ , Hasta 700kg-->800€ , Hasta 1000kg-->1100€
Zone 1 (Alemania, Austria, Bèlgica, Dinamarca, França, Holanda, Itàlia, Luxemburg, Polònia, Regne Unit, República Xeca i Suissa): Hasta 1kg-->8€, Hasta 2kg-->18€ , Hasta 5kg-->25€ , Hasta 10kg-->45€ , Hasta 15kg-->53€ , Hasta 20kg-->59€ , Hasta 25kg-->65€ , Hasta 50kg-->130€ , Hasta 100kg-->260€ , Hasta 500kg-->1300€ , Hasta 1000kg-->2600 (+21%)
Zone 2 (Bulgària, Eslovènia, Estònia, finlàndia, Grècia, Hungria, Irlanda, Letònia, Lituània, Noruega, República Eslovaca, Rumania i Suècia): Hasta 1kg-->12€, Hasta 2kg-->23€ , Hasta 5kg-->32€ , Hasta 10kg-->67€ , Hasta 15kg-->74€ , Hasta 20kg-->82€ , Hasta 25kg-->87kg-->50kg-->175€ , Hasta 100kg-->350€ , Hasta 500kg-->1750€ , Hasta 1000kg-->3500€ (+21%)
Zone 3 (EE.UU. i Canadà): Hasta 1kg-->18€, Hasta 2kg-->28€ , Hasta 5kg-->44€ , Hasta 10kg-->83€ , Hasta 15kg-->94€ , Hasta 20kg-->105€ , Hasta 25kg-->110€ , Hasta 50kg-->220€ , Hasta 100kg-->440€ , Hasta 500kg-->2200€ , Hasta 1000kg-->4400€ (+21%)
Zone 4 (Argentina, Bolívia, Brasil, Xile, Colòmbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mèxic, Nicaragua, Panamà, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Uruguay i Venezuela): Hasta 1kg-->32€, Hasta 2kg-->45€ , Hasta 5kg-->55€ , Hasta 10kg-->106€ , Hasta 15kg-->125€ , Hasta 20kg-->145€ , Hasta 25kg-->160€ , Hasta 50kg-->320€ , Hasta 100kg-->640€ , Hasta 500kg-->3200€ , Hasta 1000kg-->6400€ (+21%)


No returns of perishable products, as its subsequent sale would not be possible. Only re-send the order if the package has been damaged in transit. In this case the customer has to send a photo of the broken package, and insurance will be responsible for paying another order.


The placing of an order implies acceptance by the customer of these legal and is not final until it is accepted by Cssa Bartomeus. Published prices include VAT and are valid except for typographical errors. Shipping charges, if any, are not included in prices and the indication on the final bill.

We reserve the right to change prices, transportation and conditions without notice.

This contract is governed in all respects by the laws of Spain and any dispute arising under this contract or in connection therewith, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Manresa (Barcelona), which both parties hereby waiving their own jurisdiction, if they did.


One of their biggest concerns is people who have never shopped online is security.

This site uses the security protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is a protocol designed in 1994 by Netscape Communications Corporation with the objective of establishing secure communications and transactions. SSL is an open platform public domain for the Internet community that helps ensure private and authenticated communications. Basically encrypts information you provide to the web in the shopping sections so that nobody can know what is being written. Today is the security solution accepted by the vast majority of e-commerce web servers (used by, among others, "la Caixa").

All and security problems in Internet shopping are minimal, it's always good to review the extracts of cash or bank to verify that anyone who buys your target (i not only on the Internet) are really your why, com is known, can return a receipt if you do not agree with him.


Personal data (name, address, phone, etc..) Are also protected by the SSL protocol. This will prevent no one can know.

Casa Bartomeus complies with the Data Protection Act, so their data will be used only for our relationship. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, receive news about our store and our understanding of trade and food production. Subscribe or unsubscribe is easy, just access your account and change your user profile.



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